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Hello, My name is Abass Bolarinwa and i enjoy creating things that live on the internet. I am also an entrepreneur, author and a digital marketer. My interest in Web Development started back in 2016 when i decided to try editing custom Tumblr themes - turns out hacking together a custom reblog button taught me a lot about HTML & CSS!

Fast forward to today, and i've had the privilege of working at an advertising agency, a start up, a huge corporation, and a student-led design studio. I've done remote work for agencies, consulted for startups, and collaborated with talented people to create digital products for both business and consumer use. I'm quietly confident, naturally curious, and perpetually working on improving my chops one design problem at a time.

Here are a few technologies i've been working with recently:

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • Web Development
  • Graphics Designer
  • Certified Copywriter
  • Product Designer | UI/UX
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  • Web Developer, Brand Manager
    September 2018 - Present

    I create Wordpress websites for clients who represent a wide range of Colorado industries. My skill set includes creating unique CSS and jQuery, finding and installing sophisticated plugins, extracting design components from PSD files, and extensively modifying the Divi and Avada themes.

  • General Assembly, Web Development Immersive
    December 2019 - September 2020

    Supported the organization in all web-related areas. also developed websites for affiliated candidates and campaigns. My job at this company required me to heavily customize Wordpress themes using plugins and unique CSS.
  • Engineer @ JIT
    May 2019 - Present

    Write modern, performant, maintanable code for a diverse array of client and internal projects.
    Work with a variety of different languages, platforms, frameworks, and content management systems such as Javascript, TypeScript, React and WordPress.
    Communicate with multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, designers, producers, and clients on a daily basis.

  • Web Designer @ ILLUSTHETICS
    January - April 2020

    Worked with a team of three designers to build a marketing website and e-commerce platform, an ambitious startup originating from Northeastern.
    Helped solidify a brand direction that spans both packaging and web.
    Interfaced with clients on a weekly basis, providing technological expertise.


My Services

I'll be happy to work within your budget.

Web Development

I like to code things from scratch, and enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser. Developing a website includes also designing the layout, user-interface, defining the site's architecture and more.
Languages I Speak!
HTML, Slim, CSS, Git, Javascript, jQuery, React, MySQL
Dev Tools!
Bitbucket, Bootstrap, CodeKit, Github

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Graphics Design & Product design/ UI-UX

I value simple content structure, clean design patterns, and thoughtful interactions.
Things i enjoy designing!
Web, UX, UI, fliers, logos, Social media graphics, Business card designs
Design Tools!
Figma, Coreldraw, Pixellab, Font-awesome, Pen & Paper, Canva, Sketch, Photoshop

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Digital Marketer Featured

I genuinely care about people, and love helping fellow entrepreneurs make passive income online.
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Experience i draw from!
Freelancing, Affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, Copywritting
7 years experience, 26 digital courses,
62 bootcamps, 800+ students,
60+ group critiques, 2,350+ mentor sessions,
17,500+ comments

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Web Design

Eye catching and mobile friendly (responsiveness) bespoke professional web design services for any size of business or individual. Developing a website includes also designing the layout, user-interface, defining the site's architecture and more.
Languages I Speak!
jQuery, React, HTML, Javascript, Slim, CSS, Git, MySQL
Dev Tools!
CodeKit, Github, Bitbucket, Bootstrap

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Brand management

Professional analysis of how your brand is perceived, and detailed strategies to increase market visibility.
Your product can feasibly be the most innovative and positive introduction since the invention of the wheel, but the internet, and social media in particular can make it or break it in an instant.

As your brand manager, i will identify a vast range of strategic management issues that power your brand's equity and value, exploring factors such as the...

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I am a skilled and experienced copywriter with a passion for crafting compelling and persuasive content. Whether you're looking to increase conversions, boost brand awareness, or drive traffic to your website, I have the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

I also write Intelligent, concise and engaging copy that's beautifully written, bang on schedule and to budget.

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Here Are Some Of My Recent
Solo Projects

I'm a bit of a digital product junky. Over the years, i've used hundreds of web and Mobile Apps in different industries and verticals. Eventually, i decided that it would be a fun challenge to try designing and building my own.

Apple clone website

This project was designed to showcase my skills in front-end web development by recreating the look and feel of the Apple homepage.
learn more about this project..

Real-time Chat App

I am excited to showcase my skills and expertise in creating interactive and efficient communication platforms.
learn more about this project..

Music App

On this page, you can explore some of my past work and see how I have integrated design and functionality to enhance the user experience. Let the music play!
learn more about this project..

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What People Are Saying About Me

Allie Grater


Abass was very helpful and fast to respond to my inquiry to help with WordPress website issues. His knowledge was comprehensive. Even better, his advice helped me enough to solve the problems and he did not accept any payment for this, very straight up guy! Thank you Abass.



From the start of the project, through to completion, Abass supported me and exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only was my experience personal and friendly, his ability to identify and present my key messages in an imaginative and creative way give me a huge amount of confidence in him.

Ray O'Sun

Founder - Auer Inc

Many thanks for a great website, we are extremely pleased with the result. Finally i would like to say thanks for a great job and i am over the moon with the finished work. I would recommend you to anyone.

Franklyn Eva

Lockman LLC

Very helpful when building my website, I now have my e-commerce store built from scratch. Morealso, Abass is a great help managing a very out of date website. Everything we ask him to do is done quickly and efficiently, we would be lost without him.

Chris Anthemum

Computer Programmer

In many ways Abass understood our client's website needs better than we did and he complimented our vision perfectly. He's reliable, professional and easy to work with. I can't recommend him highly enough and we look forward to continuing our working relationship together.

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